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Stag - Cromwell

esigned exclusively Cromwell features a combination of subtle pastel paint finishes and natural solid European Oak complimented by the soft curves and profiles which evoke a traditional French style yet the combination of the colour, natural Oak and bright chrome handles gives it a fresh look that suits both modern or country living. Each piece is individually made and the oak is crafted from the finest selection of European oak, sourced from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. Uniquely the manufacturing process actually starts with the slicing of the logs to Kiln drying and then through the whole manufacturing process, all within the factories control. Other details such as secret drawer behind the top profile give this range a unique character and quality.

Standard Bedframes

CRO809 4' 6'' Double Size Bed H120cm x W152cm x D208cm                        

CRO810 5' King Size Bed H120cm x W167cm x D215cm

CRO811 6' Super King Size Bed H120cm x W198cm x D215cm 

Storage Bedframes

CRO806 4' 6'' Double Size Bed H120cm x W152cm x D208cm                        

CRO807 5' King Size Bed H120cm x W167cm x D215cm

CRO808 6' Super King Size Bed H120cm x W198cm x D215cm 

T&G Bedframe

CRO826 4' 6'' Double Size Bed H115cm x W159cm x D208cm                        

CRO827 5' King Size Bed H115cm x W167cm x D215cm

CRO828 6' Super King Size Bed H115cm x W205cm x D215cm 


CRO819 4'6'' Double Headboard H71cm x W142cm x D9cm 

CRO820 5' King Size Headboard H71cm x W157cm x D9cm 

CRO821 6' Super King Size Headboard H71cm x W188cm x D9cm  


CRO813 Triple Wardrobe H190cm x W144cm x D62cm

CRO812 All Hanging Wardrobe H190cm x W102cm x D62cm

CRO814 Gentleman's Wardrobe, includes one drawer H190cm x W102 x D62cm

CRO823 Linen Chest/ Wardrobe, includes 4 drawers H175cm x W90cm x D62cm

Chest of Drawers

CRO801 2 Drawer Bedside H60cm x W54cm x D45cm

CRO832 3 Drawer Bedside H68cm x W45cm x D43cm

CRO805 7 Drawer Chest H112cm x W90cm x D48cm

CRO803 4 Drawer Chest H86cm x W90cm x D48cm

CRO804 7 Drawer Wide Chest H86cm x W135cm x D48cm

CRO802 Tall 5 Drawer Chest H128cm x W62cm x D85cm

CRO835 Gentleman's Chest H135cm x W105cm x D45cm 

Dressing Table

CRO815 Dressing Table H75cm x W138cm x D48cm

CRO817 Dressing Table Mirror H69cm x W60cm x D23cm

CRO816/ 816S Bedroom Stool H49cm x W44cm x D44cm - available with fabric or leather seat pad

CRO818 Wall Mirror H55cm x W120cm x D3cm


CRO825 Blanket Chest H45cm x W120cm x D47cm

CRO824 Laundry Chest H65cm x W52cm x D44cm 

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