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FAQ about beds

Are all beds the same length?
No. Standard bed sizes under 5ft wide (150cms) are 6ft 3” long (190 cms long), whilst 5ft wide and above come as 6ft 6” (200 cms long). However, at an extra cost non standard length beds can be supplied to order.
Is a bedstead as comfortable as a divan set?
A bedstead can be made to be as comfortable as a sprung divan set providing an appropriate quality/type of mattress is carefully selected. Alternatively, a special box sprung base can be supplied, bespoke to the bedstead in question, which will reproduce divan set comfort.
Do memory foam mattresses make you warm?
They can do for certain individuals who may be naturally warm bodied. However, nowadays the best memory foam mattresses are supplied with a special Coolmaster cover, which has radically reduced the problem.

Are pocket sprung mattresses/divans better than other alternatives? 
Pocket sprung mattresses, albeit more expensive are better, in that they are more sophisticated in construction and use natural materials (wool and horse hair etc) thereby ensuring the body receives maximum support by keeping the spine straight and the body relaxed.
Are Orthopaedic beds better for you?
Not automatically. Whilst a firmer bed maybe suitable in some cases, a hard Orthopaedic bed is hardly ever the best selection. The word Orthopaedic is badly over used in marketing messages and can often be associated with cheaper products.
My partner and I are very different weights, what sort of mattress is best for us?
For couples where there is a significant weight difference, a single tension mattress is not ideal. Today many quality double beds can be supplied with a dual tension providing the very best support on an individual basis. There is no extra charge associated with this benefit.
Will I need to turn my mattress over on a regular basis?
Ideally yes, at least twice a year. Any dual sided mattress will last longer and provide more comfort if it is turned on a regular basis. The only exceptions are one sided memory foam or latex mattresses.
How can I dispose of my old mattress or bed?
If you are buying your bed from Webbs we will dispose of your old mattress or bed for you, free of charge, as we recognise the cost and inconvenience associated with customers doing it for themselves.
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