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Duresta – pure English luxury

Duresta are extremely proud of thier heritage. They have a passion for quality, creativity and craftmanship. Duresta has been making high quality upholstery since 1938. Renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of furniture making, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery.

Webbs premier stockist service

Here at Webbs of Crickhowell we are proud to be a premier stockist of the Duresta brand. Webbs expert team have an indepth knowledge of Duresta understading the material coverings, cushions, legs and fillings. We aim to give you the sevice that you would expect from a specialist in Duresta. 

At Webbs we consider the Duresta collection to be the very best when it comes to fabric tchoice, detail and finishing. Every year they develop and launch new products, most of which we are proud to stock to ensure that you have the finest selection available to you. Importantly, we have the knowledge to assist you with your selection.

When choosing a Duresta product it is esential that you deal with a company with specialist knowledge. We are here to help you in any way possible to get you the help and advice that you deserve. You should talk to somebody at Webbs before making your final decision to make sure that you are selecting exactly the right product.

The highest levels of craftmanship

You will find that Duresta furniture making combines these skills with the best materials available to produce long lasting sumptuously comfortable upholstery. Duresta offer a large range of fabrics which are sourced internationally to ensure the widest choice of styles and colours. We are happy to offer you a range of fabric sofas and leather sofas.

These are individually hand cut and expertly sewn with separate valances applied by hand slip stitching. All undergo rigorous quality testing to reduce the incidence of premature wear and tear and to guide you as to suitability.

Duresta Alex at Webbs


Sit back and relax with the charming Alex & Sasha range. This design is both understated and stylish, with a timeless quality that will complement any décor and be appreciated for years. Pictured here is the Alex, while the Sasha features square tapered wooden legs with castors.

Grand Sofa - 92H x 220W x 104D cm

Large Sofa - 97H x 210W x 94D cm

Medium Sofa - 97H x 190W x 94D cm

Small Sofa - 97H x 153W x 94D cm

Grand Chair - 97H x 120W x 104D cm

Chair - 97H x 89W x 94D cm

Footstool - 46H x 93W x 68D cm


Elegance and sophisticated style inform this most popular of classic Duresta models. With its beautiful, sweeping scroll arm detail and supreme comfort, the Waldorf range conveys the feeling of understated English luxury you come to expect from Duresta. Available either with or without a valance.

Grand Split Sofa - 92H X 244W x 110D cm

Grand Sofa - 92H x 244W x 110D cm

3-Seater Sofa, 3 Cushion - 100H x 228W x 98D cm

3-Seater Sofa, 2 Cushion - 100H x 228W x 98D cm

2.5-Seater Sofa - 100H x 209W x 98D cm

2-Seater Sofa - 100H x 168W x 98D cm

Chair - 100H x 111W x 101D cm

Astoria Chair - 100H x 111W x 101D cm


A true classic, the Connaught is a deep-buttoned Chesterfield of unrivalled quality. This timeless design can be styled in numerous ways to suit today’s interiors; looking fine in either rich leather, neutral linens or sumptuous velvets, let your imagination take you.

Grand Sofa - 81H x 266W x 124D cm

Medium Sofa - 81H x 229W x 124D cm

Minor Sofa - 81H x 229W x 106D cm

Reading Chair - 81H x 156W x 124D cm

Haig Chair - 81H x 137W x 106D cm

Footstool - 48H x 119W x 84D cm


The Southsea is the perfect example of high-quality Long Eaton upholstery– sophisticated elegance, exceptional high back support, and ultimate comfort. Refined and inviting, Southsea was designed to add a touch of class to any traditional living space. Available either with legs or valance.

Large 3 Cushion Sofa - 105H x 227W x 107D cm

Minor Large 3 Cushion Sofa - 101H x 221W x 99D cm

Large 2 Cushion Sofa - 105H x 227W x 107D cm

Minor Large 2 Cushion Sofa - 101H x 221W x 99D cm

Medium Sofa - 105H x 200W x 107D cm

Minor Medium Sofa - 101H x 194W x 99D cm

Small Sofa - 105H x 166W x 107D cms

Minor Small Sofa - 101H x 160W x 99D cm

Chair - 105H x 100W x 107D cm

Minor Chair - 101H x 94W x 99D cms

Banquette - 34H x 77W x 56D cm


With subtle fringe trim detailing adding a touch of grandeur, and deep, luxurious seats and plump arm pads to provide superb comfort – the Harvard effortlessly combines classic British style with sumptuous glamour. Available in a collection of five stunning fabric colour palettes and a range of sofas, chairs and modular units, the Harvard brings timeless opulence to any classic interior.

Grand 4-Seater Split Sofa/ Wedge Unit 

H100cm x W358cm x D163cm

Grand 4-Seater Split Sofa/ Corner Unit

H100cm x W275cm x D275cm

LHF Large End Unit/ Corner Unit/ RHF Large End Unit

H100cm x W378cm x D378cm

LHF Small End Unit/ Corner Unit/ RHF Large End Unit

H100cm x W378cm x D275cm

Grand 4-Seater Split Sofa

H100cm x W270cm x D110cm

Large 3-Seater Sofa

H100cm x W245cm x D110cm

Medium 2-Seater Sofa

H100cm x W206cm x D110cm

Reading Chair

H100cm x W162cm x D110cm

Wing Chair

H105cm x W88cm x D86cm


Collingwood is a stunning statement piece and the epitome of traditional Bristish design and craftsmanship, with its elegant shape and beautifully hand carved wooden legs with either metal castors or finishers.

3-Seater Sofa H93cm x W220cm x D109cm

2.5-Seater Sofa H93cm x W181cm x D109cm

Emma Love Seat H96cm x W134cm x D95cm

Emma Chair H96cm x W82cm x 95cm

Villeneuve Chair H89cm x W80cm x D98cm

Horatio Chair H101cm x W84cm x D108cm