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G Plan

Furniture which stands the test of time

Since 1953, G Plan has been a benchmark for classic British design. But what’s made it such an enduring favourite is the way every sofa and chair is built for real life. This is furniture that loves to be lived on.

Setting the tone for British furniture making, G Plan have continued to grow and develop and today they are still one of the UK’s biggest upholstery manufacturers.

Every G Plan sofa and armchair is crafted in the UK by skilled craftspeople. G Plan want your sofa to stay looking beautiful for years to come, so they go to great lengths to source high-quality fabrics and premium leathers which they know will stand the test of time. Every sofa is also super comfy and is designed to envelop and support you every time you sit down.


Classic in all of its design, Holmes offers an elegant take on G Plan’s legendary comfort. A supportive high back and shorter seat offer an upright sit in a choice of standard and compact sizes. Stylish curves on the scroll arms, seat and back cushions soften the lines and ensure you are truly comfortable.

3-Seater Sofa & Recliner Sofa – W200.7 H105.4 D91.4cm

Small 3-Seater Sofa – W182.9 H100.3 D91.4cm

2-Seater Sofa & Recliner Sofa – W152.4 H105.4 D91.4cm

Small 2-Seater Sofa – W139.7 H100.3 D91.4cm

Armchair & Recliner Chair – W91.4 H105.4 D91.4cm

Small Chair – W91.4 H100.3 D91.4cm

Elevate Chair – W96.5 H105.4 D91.4cm

Small Elevate Chair – W91.4 H105.4 D91.4cm

Footstool – W55.9 H39.5 D53.3cm

Storage Footstool – W73.7 H41.8 D58.4cm


Elliot is contemporary comfort at its most sumptuous. Soft deep seats and panelled back cushions offer ultimate relElliotaxation, whilst the decorative top stitch details and wooden feet add a sleek touch. For the ultimate indulgence, power recliners come with an integrated USB charging point.

3-Seater Sofa - W205.8 H101.6 D96.5cm

2-Seater Sofa – W177.4 H101.6 D96.5cm

Armchair & Recliner Chair – W111.1 H101.6 D96.5cm

Footstool & Storage Footstool – W56.5 H38.1 D71.5cm


Stylish sweeping arms with soft indulgent arm pads cradle the luxurious deep seats of Jackson, for the ultimate in contemporary comfort. Perfectly finished with sleek piping, brushed metal or show wood feet and optional contrast stitch detailing on leather. Power recliners can be tailored to your comfort needs with integrated USB charging.

3-Seater Sofa H107cm x W194cm x D96cm

2-Seater Sofa H107cm x W166cm x D96cm

Armchair H107cm x W108cm x D96cm

Footstool H47cm x W74.3cm x D59cm